About Turn Her Passion



Turn Her Passion is a web based mentorship for women 18+ to find mentorship from women 40+ in all areas of life. Regardless of what you’re looking to find we’ll have it here for you and its right at your fingertips. Turn Her Passion works as a portal to bring together all girls and women to find what they may be seeking, whether its advice on a new career path, going back to school, help finding spiritual guidance or even more personal advice such as mental, physical or sexual abuse.

THP doesn’t have to just be for the women seeking advice, if you are a mentor and want to give back but between a busy work schedule or being a full time stay at home mom this can be perfect for you, answering a few emails a week to help change someones life can be one of the most satisfying rewards in ones life. If you’re a survivor of abuse your strength and wisdom can help keep someone alive and help give back a life, what is someone had been able to do that for you?

Women helping women is so important in a world that can teach you to only look out for yourself. Why not help someone help bridge the gap between who they are, and who they want to be.


We are starting a campaign to make donations to homeless girls and women who are on their menstrual cycle. You can purchase undies or supplies by clicking on either of the links below. Feel free to share as well!


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