Life Mentors

What Does it Take to Become a Mentor?

The only requirement to become is mentor is being a women over 40+. Life is your experience, the challenges and obstacles you’ve had in order to get the place you are now. Single mothers, military wives, stay at home moms, retired golden girls, CEOs, they all make great mentors and because everything is web based the time commitment isn’t such a big deal. 

The mentors page is quite private to maintain some kind of privacy level for the mentors. Mentors are not required to have their picture listed on the site but its very helpful. Mentors page is password protected and someone must send an email verifying their email in order to receive the password to the page. Passwords are changed weekly. 

The time committement for all mentors except for some* is a mentor must respond to mentees within the first 72 hours after a mentor has emailed you.

All mentors will be given a THP email address, if they decide to give out their own personal email to a girl, they are still responsible to staying in contact with mentee in a timely fashion. Mentees will be contact sporadically by THP to see if needs are being met; if a mentor should decide at any point to no longer continue the process of mentoring please contact admin and they will remove you from the site and contact any mentees you were in contact with. 

*Mentors who have decided to mentor in the domestic and sexual abuse categories must make contact within 24 hours. This may be the only time someone has to contact you, either out of their safety or out of their on strength to talk about it. That window of opportunity is very short and we don’t want to risk losing them. 


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