Purpose of Turn Her Passion


Mission Statement

Turn Her Passion is a nonprofit organization allowing women 18 and older to seek web based mentorship/advising from woman 40+ in many different areas of life; life, career goals, pursuit of an education, emotional abuse and helps with substance abuse and these are just to name a few.


For the artist, dreamer, loner, daddy’s girl, college student, stay at home mom, or corporate chick, the do it all, sporty girls, and the suffer in silence women. Sometimes we all need advice from an external source. If you take a path lead with examples that someone else older and wiser has already navigated maybe you can find the passion within you instead of allowing a negative passion to define you.


To help all women become the best version of ones that’s why!



How is THP Different from other programs geared towards helping women?

1. We’re completely web based. That isn’t to say we eventually won’t have programs or seminars for more face to face time with mentors, but the base of our community is online. Allowing not just the women who seek our program to remain anonymous if they choose to, but because we started this organization knowing that not women lead very busy lives and sometimes emails are the most convenient way to get in touch with them.

2. We’re not just here to help those in bad situations. Sometimes you have the Bachelor’s degree, job, car and safe place over your head and yet you still feel just as lost and lonely as ever. But that doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t be able to get the guidance you need.

3. You’re able to get mentors in all areas of life, not just the tough stuff. For the women who don’t have a mother, sister, cousin or friendships around them to advise them in the areas they need.

4. THP is in the process of obtaining a 501c, which means that we will be recognized by the government as a nonprofit organization. What does this mean for you? That we will be able to raise money for YOU, for tuition, daycare, books, rehabilitation needs and much more! And since our mentors are all volunteers we’ll be able to award them with tokens of appreciation on behalf of you.

Access to Mentors

We’re still working on gathering women to be mentors; if you know of anyone who would be great at advising young ladies please contact THP at information@turn-her-passion.org