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A Message from the Founder of Turn Her Passion

Turn Her Passion was not a dream that I had always envisioned. Seeing myself and different girls around me focus more on guys and relationships instead of turning that energy into something to better ourselves didn’t sit right with me. I think people assume girls at a certain age just become women and know the who what where whens and whys.

Whether you have a good support of women around you that you can look up to or you’re doing it all on your own, sometimes getting an outside source who can relate to you who has gone through the same obstacles can help you pave your way.  I want Turn Her Passion to reach out to all young women 18 and up, no matter what walk of life you come from, regardless of race, religion, or out look on life, there an older, wiser generation of women who want to help you succeed.

As my path has taken me closer to my savior, I understand that my beliefs may not ever be the beliefs of others. I also realize that if someone attempts to push me too hard into something I will automatically put up a wall. So we don’t want to do that here. This is why we want ALL kind of mentors and guest bloggers. We don’t want to segregate anyone, this is not my mission for the site.  

I want to reach all ladies and women over 18. Regardless of whether you’re the emo or the cheerleader, or a bit of P.Sawyer and both, I never want a girl to look at this website and think they can’t find what they need.

If we can start now…women helping each other, maybe we can pass it down to our daughters, nieces, little sisters, cousins and neighbors.

For information on how to become a mentor please feel out the information on the contact us page and you will be contacted shortly with a mentor application.

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