A Story to Tell…Bloggers Style




Our special guest bloggers are a way for young ladies and women not yet 40 but who want to help contribute to the site. The stories are told from their point of view and are ways to help readers see that they are no alone in their struggles.

Our bloggers are volunteers who take the time out of their schedules to contribute to our site, if you wish to become a guest blogger on any of the topics below, please email us for details.


Our newest blogger Teigan will be writing a piece about what it’s like to deal with anxiety. Stay tuned…

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I acknowledge that the writing I submit is of my own work. Ideas and thoughts may have been inspired by other publications or real life experience, but everything is truth and sources can be supplied if I quote someone's work. I confirm that submitted writings to the website now become property of the Turn Her Passion Org and all subsidiaries of the company. I submit this work voluntary and understand no money will be exchanged unless otherwise agreed in contract with site.