Blank-It Personal


For children living in shelters whether it’s a temporary situation, or they’re in foster care or whatever life event has lead them to not have their own bed at night, every child should have a part of home. We’re collecting graphic t-shirts to make into blankets. Even if you only have one shirt to donate, think how amazing that will be for that little boy or girl to have something so personal when they feel so disconnected and normal from other children they go to school with. When you send in your shirts please send a small note, we will attach the note the blanket for them to read. This is how we’re making it personal, it’s not just a hand me out, it’s a way to connect with a child and let them know they matter and there are people out there who do care. For the time being we are only accepting donations to make into children blankets. For more information you email us at





***We may choose to turn some of the t-shirt donations into pillows for children as well, if you’d like to see your finished donation product please make sure to include your contact information on a index card with your donation.