Life Mentors



We are in the process of becoming 501c, in order to be able to take momentary donations. You are still encouraged to donate through one of the many causes we are currently participating in. If you wish to help donate to us becoming 501c, you may email us at

Current Campaigns:

On The Dot. — donating underwear and menstrual supplies for homeless girls and women.

Blank-It Personal — donating your graphic tees in order to make blankets for homeless children in shelters.

Because mentors are volunteering their time, we will raise money for different organizations that help girls and women each year, whether it’s getting out of domestic abuse situations, raising awareness of how illnesses that affect mainly women and well as donating to scholarships for women going back to school as a non traditional student. 

The goals are endless and we would love it if you became apart of that goal. 

Homeless Vets — we’re currently working on an idea to help our vets, we cannot disclose this at the time, but we are very excited for what’s in store.