In Every Girl’s Closet


In every girl's closet

A list of links that should be in every girl’s life. 

What’s your number? You should check your credit score every six months to make sure the information is accurate.

 Having your drivers license is great but getting your passport is important too.


Sexually active? Is he? Your health is the most important thing you have, take care of your body. For free testing centers in your area click on the link.

 Live alone? Want to make sure you’re doing everything to protect your family? Make sure you know who’s in your backyard.


Talking is helping, but you feel like you need a place to keep your thoughts, write it down!



Lonely? Just move to a new city? Friends are in relationships and you’re the single girl?

Go to to find activities in your neck of the woods.


Love your breast no matter the size. Get information for you or loved ones, as well as testing centers.

Thinking about giving up? Please don’t.