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Introducing Teigan

As you know we’re starting a new series where women under 40 can participate on the site by helping tell their stories. Regardless of who they may “represent” all women are different and all of their life experiences and emotions are different, therefore that path won’t be same.

Our founder recently got to know our newest blogger Teigan from Australia.


How old are you?
 What would you tell the 10 year old you in the mindset that you have now?
Don’t worry about what everyone else thinks, it is as simple as that because no one’s looking at you.
What about the 40 year old you? How could someone older help you?
Now is the time to try everything that I really want to try and not being so scared about it and just do it.
Where do you see yourself in the next year?
In the next year moving away from my hometown because my partner is moving due to a job and we’re hoping that moving somewhere else and then hopefully study to become a yoga teacher and own my own studio.
Where do you want to travel?
To America in general but my short-term goal would be to New Zealand.
Are you spiritual? Do you believe in God?
I am not atheists but I don’t necessary believe in anything. I would like too. I have an open mind and love the whole spiritual side of thing.
Of all the craziness and messiness in the world which one impacts you the most?
Racism. Sexism. Equality. Humans don’t know how to accept each other. Australia has a lot of racism and there is a lot of anger and hatred towards Muslims. People should just band together
Who or what are your inspirations in life?
Beach Yoga Girl-someone I found on Instagram who I’ve found a lot of inspiration through her post, especially body positivity. 
What one word and can’t choose happy/ness is the thing you desire most in the world?
What do you hope to get out of blogging on this site and out of your own site?
I would like to connect with other people, it’s hard for me to put myself out there and being able to connect with other women would be great and help me with my confidence.
From my own blog it was a way to release, and get out some of the things I’m thinking. I don’t always want to post those things to Facebook or write a journal and blogging gives me a good source to get out all of those things. 


Teigan is going to be a great contributor to our site as a guest blogger, and her first blog is now out! Click here to read up on how dealing with anxiety can affect someone.