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We as women think about EVERYTHING. Sometimes we need to breathe and get someone else to check our paths and see if we missed any steps or need to readjust.



Feeling lost

Overwhelmed by daily motherly duties

Tired of being single

Love to travel but can’t find your faith, talk to someone about going on a mission trip.

African american workers in office


Just need to find someone you can relate to that’s been through it all and still came out on top?

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If you’re not ready to reach out to one of our mentors yet, browse our blogs and see if one of those speak to you. If that doesn’t work for you, look our #whatiwishihadknown series and see what other women have said they wish they knew when they were younger; or our newest selection of #SoulsDesire. What do you desire most in your life using only one word? Check out some of the answers we’ve already received on Facebook .




If you’ve read through all this and you STILL haven’t connected with us, EMAIL US. Tell us what we’re missing, tell us how to get better to connect with other girls and women such as yourself. We’re all unique in our own special way and if we knew there were others with the same joys and fears maybe then we’d be more confident to help change the mess in the world.