Mean Girls *not the movie by Jokashii Breeze

Mean Girls are something that we as females have all had to deal with at one point in our life. Whether it was in high school or in our careers. I have never really cared what anyone has to say about me, but I’m sure there are plenty of women out there that deal with their own version of a “mean girl”. Couple of important things to remember when dealing with these type of women:

1- 100% of mean girls are insecure. Just because a woman looks good doesn’t  mean she’s secure with herself. It could be the littlest thing, like a pair of shoes that could make a mean girl envious of you. Don’t get caught up in the beauty. We all have a side we hide.

2- If a mean girl just wont keep your name out her mouth, there is indeed something that you are doing right that she wishes she could do, but can’t. Embrace it. Better to be noticed than ignored.

3- Mean girls use the attention of men to make themselves feel on top of the world. You might see a mean girl with the hottest John, but just remember that girls like this are usually just trophies. While that is enough to get a man, its usually not enough to keep them, due to lack of character and personality. And please…theres more than enough men to
go around. Ain’t nothing special bout that.

The number one rule in dealing with any negative people giving you heat is simply just being secure in who you are as a person. Stop looking at what others have and what others are doing in an envious way. Others’ riches, should be nothing but an inspiration to you. Do not covet!

Keep in mind that we are all here trying to do the same thing. Find your purpose and spend more days happy than sad. There is no excuse for letting others making you feel like a lesser version of yourself. Even if you have to resort to self help books, do it!

Dealing with mean girls, negative people and inflated egos is really all dependent on you and how you view yourself. You only let people treat you how you see yourself! Practice better self love. I promise you won’t care what anyone has to say when the focus is on you and not anyone else. So the next time you’re out in public and a ‘mean girl’ wants to roll her eyes at you, just laugh and keep it moving. You’ll probably hear a ‘what is she laughing at’ and all you have to say is, “You honey!” or for the more laid back, nothing at all…

Females bashing females is the worst to me. We should be empowering each other and trying to raise each other up in this mans world. If a woman looks fly, congratulate her or try to get to know her. Stop the hate and spread encouragement. Its the only way.


Jokashii Breeze, 29, Entertainment Blogger, based out of Orlando, FL