Introducing Dawn


Introducing Dawn


I’ve debated whether or not I was going to personally “blog” on the site for years since I technically work for THP, but with everything going on in the world right now I thought, “why not lend my voice” on these issues, after all it’s just my opinion and a way to showcase a little about myself to whomever chooses to read. So here’s summary of things that I’ll be talking about in the near future. 

Race issues




Woman Meets World

Whether or not I’ll podcast these issues or “blog” them is where I keep going back and forth, I terribly hate the sound of my own voice so the thought of having to listen to it, to make sure it sounds okay before putting it online makes me cringe. Also many times and like most introverts, writing words down usually comes so much easier than speaking them to an audience. Maybe some will be podcast and others will be written, who knows!

My goal is to reach all women, but especially those who feel like they’re often stuck in between two different worlds, women who often see gray more than black or white and women who feel…almost left behind. Those are the women/girls I’m hoping to connect to the most. I know they’re out there because I’ve met some, so hopefully this will speak to a few and you’ll feel compelled start your own blog and become apart of Turn Her Passion in some way and reach other women just like you, connecting to one woman at a time. 

See ya’ll soon,