Life Mentors

Feeling lost on which direction to go?

Quarter life crisis happens at a different age for most people, but it’s usually somewhere between the ages of 24-28 that you being to feel lost. You’re not quite sure what you want to do with your life; do I stay in college for another degree?  Should we have more kids? Why have I not found real love? I have no real friends? Am I too old to go back to school? What do I do with my life??

We’ve all been there, that feeling of not knowing what steps to take. You don’t know what steps to do or even in which direction to turn.

Talk to someone who made it out alive and is now living the life worked hard to get regardless of what it is.

For more information on who to connect with a mentor click on the link below.

Our mentors in this category are 35 and up and can help with the frustrations that one can feel when they’re not sure which direction is right and which direction is wrong. Mentors in this category can be thought of more as a big sister/friend. 

It Gets Better…

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