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Spiritual (Beliefs)

As we are all growing, changing and learning we understand the world and everyone in it has different beliefs and moral compasses. Turn Her Passion is not about convincing you of one thing or another. Everyone has to reach that journey to what they choose to believe in for themselves. Our organization wants to support you in whatever you believe in (or lack there of). This is not the place to judge, what you do is between you and your higher power, mother earth or whatever other beliefs YOU may have. This is not a mission to convert or make you believe in what others think you should believe in or what’s right and wrong.

If a mentor gives you their opinion and you don’t agree, go out and figure out which path is right for YOU. Go speak to someone in your town, try speaking with someone who will have a neutral response, be careful in seeking answers to questions you aren’t prepared to handle. This may be life changing for some and argumentative for others. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself to think outside the box.

***What’s also good to remember: “Give Christ a chance and allow yourself the chance to walk with Him, if it’s not for you the devil will always take you back” (a little quote we came across on Instagram)

If you feel like you are already on the right path to something, see if one of our mentors can assist you.

We are not hear to judge or convince you of anything, we want to give you the opportunity to explore and not be afraid to ask questions. 

 For more information on who to connect with a mentor click on the link below..

 Spiritual mentors for the soul regardless of beliefs



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