Recruiting for Volunteers!



We can’t use the word “hiring” because these are not paid position. Internship maybe, volunteers definitely. We do have certain resources available to us, so while we can’t pay you, there may be other ways we can pay you back in your hard work and dedication.


Special Guest Bloggers!

We need women who aren’t 40 yet to write for us! No subject is off limits, we don’t censor, and you will be able to use us as a reference. Currently looking for bloggers in the following areas

-Substance Abuse


-Starting Over

-First time home buyers (all you need to know)


-Going back to school over the age of 30



Passionates you’re the most needed. You don’t need to have a finely penned resume or a phD in every field imaginable, you just have to have learned and lived through it and now wish to help others where you once stood. Email us for a more in depth details about what it takes to help change someone’s life ❤️


Newsletter Distribution

We want to make sure we’re keeping our mentors informed and update. We need someone to help put out the monthly newsletter. You would help come up with content and design each month and email to our active mentors working on the site.


Resource and Network

We are in the process of becoming 501c and we want to link ourselves with other great women organizations. We need someone to find other networks we can partner with, send emails, find networking events we can go to, ways to assist in helping our mentors be compensated for their time and dedication. Manage Twitter and Pinterest account.


We hope the non paying doesn’t scare you away, we are hoping to become 501c one day soon and will look for ways to pay you for all help, time and dedication. 


For more details, please email us